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API Karnataka chapter has proud privilege and distinction of hosting 5 national conferences in the years 1965,1971,1975,1985 and 1998.

1965Major General Dr. SL Bhatia Organising Chairman  
Dr.Basavaraj Urs- Organising Secy
Dr.Shadakasharappa Jt.Organsing Secretary
1971Dr. Chari Organising Chairman
Dr.B.M.Hegde - Organising Secy
1975Dr. Basavaraj Urs Organising Chairman
Dr.Shadakasharappa- Organising Secy
1985Dr.Shadakasharappa Organising Chairman
Dr.T.B.Basavarajendra- Organising Secy
Dr. VasanthaKamath Jt.Organising Secy
1998Dr.Shadakasharappa Organising Chairman
Dr.M.Maiya- Organising Secy
Dr. H.C.Sathya Jt.Organising Secy
Dr. P.Chandrashekara Jt.Organising Secy
Dr. VasanthaKamath Jt.Organising Secy
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