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The Aims and objectives of the Association are :
  • To encourage and advance the knowledge, study and practice of the science of medicine in all ways.
  • To encourage basic and clinical research including experimental work in the science of medicine.
  • To organize, establish, conduct, supervise and assist institutions for promoting whether directly or indirectly the study of and research in problems relating to the science of medicine.
  • To hold meetings, conferences, exhibitions, study circles or gatherings for the study and discussion of problems relating to and allied with the sciences of medicine.
  • To provide instruction, education and financial assistance to deserving persons in the science of medicine in all suitable ways.
  • To make pecuniary grants by way of scholarships, donations, subscriptions, allowances, and otherwise to and for the benefit of deserving students, scholars
  • To award prizes and medals or other certificates or diploma of proficiency in the science of medicine to medical students.
  • To print periodicals in the form of Karnataka Journal of Medical Science (KJMS).
  • To co-operate and associate with other associations or individuals to promote the objectives of the Chapter.
  • As part of its activities and to supplement the teaching needs of Post Graduates in General Medicine a Medical Education and Research Trust was formed . The association sponsors the programmes conducted by the trust, including the CME in Internal medicine.
  • API has instituted a Quiz programme to develop a competitive spirit among the medicos.
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