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Journal of Internal Medicine-Research, Review , Report (JIM3 R)

Association of Physicians of India, Karnataka Chapter has been publishing its journal for almost 20 years. It was Karnataka Medical Journal to begin with and later the name was changed to Karnataka Journal of Medical Sciences. Dr.D.Ramarao was its Chief Editor for more than eight years till 2011. The name of the journal was changed to Journal of Internal Medicine, Research, Review, Report, three years ago with an intention to take away the idea that the journal was local and to have it indexed.

Dr.B.V.Murali Mohan who was the Chief Editor from 2011 to 2015. From this year the journal has a new Editorial board, with Dr. Premnath as the Editor-in-Chief and six Editors from all over the state and nearly twenty eminent professionals in the Editorial advisory board and equal number specialists in the review panel. We would like to see that the journal is indexed in the next two years, provided all the members support us by sending their original articles, reviews, case-reports and other items to the journal. This is your journal and to see that it reaches an international standard, is in your hands. Please go through the Instructions to the authors, and send your work to the journal to see that it reaches new highs in the time to come.


Editor - in - Chief : Dr.M.Premanath - mpremanath@jim3r.com.
Office Address: JIM3R, API Bhavana,#16/f, Millers tank Bed Area, Vasanthanagar,Bangalore - 560052. Ph:(O) 080 22353525.
Residence Address: Nisarga House, # 21, Block 9, Madhuvana Layout,Srirampura 2nd stage, Mysuru - 570023.(M)9972525114.

Name Address
Dr.Sangram Biradar, S.B.Medical Centre. Block No.14,Lahoti Enclave Station Road,Gulbarga -585102 Ph:9844051975
email: sangrambiradar@jim3r.com
Dr. Kothiwale.V.L Prof Of Medicine,Vice Prinicipal JN Medical College. Nehru Nagar,Belagavi - 590010 Ph:09448119899 email:kothiwaleva@jim3r.com
Dr.P.K Pai Consultant Physician, Sahyadri Hospital,O T Road,Shimoga - 577202.Ph:9449815657
email: pkpai@jim3r.com
Dr.B.S.Nagaraja Prof & Head Dept of Medicine, Bangalore Medical College &Research Institute Fort,Bangalore - 560002.Ph: 9448094349
email: bsnagaraja@jim3r.com
Dr. Suresh V.Sagarad Raichur Institute of Medical sciences,Department of Medicine,Hyderabad Road,Raichur-584102.Ph:9448139339
email: sureshvsagarad@jim3r.com
Dr.Praveen Kumar.S Bangalore Medical College &Research Institute,Fort,Bangalore - 560002. Ph:9448685155.
Dr.Shivaraj Alashetty Prof & Head- Dept. Of Medicine., Khaja Bande Nawaz Institute of Medical Sciences & Hospital,Gulbarga -585104 Ph:9448459133
email: shivaraja@jim3r.com

Editorial Assistant- Miss Ajantha

Members of Editorial Advisory Board:
Dr.P.Chandrashekara(Internal Medicine).
Dr.Vasantha Kamath (Internal Medicine).
Dr.H.Basavanagowdappa (Internal Medicine).
Dr.Prabha Adhikari (Internal Medicine).
Dr.Sudha Vidyasagar (Internal Medicine).
Dr.Nagaraj Desai (Cardiology).
Dr.B.V.Muralimohan (Pulmonology).
Dr.Vikram Huded (Nerology)
Dr.Rajkumar Wadhwa (Gastro enterology).
Dr.B.S.Ravindra (Gastro enterology).
Dr.Govinda Babu (Oncology).
Dr.Mala Dharmalingam (Endocrinology).
Dr.Sundar (Nephrology).
Dr.Prathibha Periera(Geriatrics).
Dr.Praveen Kulkarni(Com Medicine).
Dr.Usha Kini ( Pathology).
Dr.Sangeeta Joshi(Microbiology).
Dr. Suma (Biochemistry).
Dr. Narayan Devaraj (Gastroentrology).
Dr. Satish Kumar (Cardiology).
Dr. Raghavendra Bhat (Internal Medicine)
Dr.YJV Reddy(Chairman,API-Ex-Officio).
Dr.Ravikeerthy(Secretary,API-Ex Officio)

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